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Creativity is not in unending supply, it needs topping up. That's where we come in. We give you dedicated time and space to flex your creative muscles. We do this through workshops, programmes and kits. We provide inspiration with our keynote speaking.

Meet AMC 
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Chief Experimentation Officer

An early fascination with materials and colour sparked my career in textiles and the creative industries that has spanned 30 years. I have a unique perspective, forged through roles as a scientist, designer, developer and technologist, working at all levels of the supply chain from manufacturing to retail.

As well as being based in the UK & USA working for companies including Interface, Target and Marks and Spencer, I have travelled all over the world working with regional teams and suppliers.

Lately I’ve augmented my practical experience of innovation in the field with an MA Innovation Management (Distinction) from Central Saint Martins in London. I lecture about innovation, business and sustainable development at Ravensbourne University and University of Creative Arts. I have an ADHD brain.

A certified facilitator, a member of the Textile Institute and a fellow of Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA).

curious experimenter

maker & thinker

the weaving poet

big fan of care

lover of the colour orange


lifelong learner & lecturer

researcher & writer

owns so many books

obsessed by maps

multi, trans & inter-disciplinary



let's make that in Lego®



Photo Credit: S Brindle


"Ann Marie has the ability to think broadly around a subject and link different aspects of a topic, giving her work in a very original style whilst adhering to the original brief."


-Kate Berry, Director, QHQ

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