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Cultivate Creativity Programme

Attracting & retaining top talent

Welcome to the essential training for team leaders in the fashion and textile industry! We understand that managing growth while helping your team thrive is a challenge. 


The business environment is as unpredictable as the latest trends, and you’re often pulled in every direction. 


Team members leaving, feeling stressed, or unhappy? It's a major issue. Feeling rushed with no time for strategic work due to back-to-back meetings? We've got you. 


Our mission: turn talent troubles into triumphs.


Let’s create a workplace where creativity flourishes, teams feel valued, and everyone enjoys their work. 


Ready to transform your team dynamics? Let’s get started!

Read on
if you…


…are a dedicated Corporate Team Leader in fashion & textiles: You understand the delicate balance of fostering creativity while managing growth. Let us help you navigate these waters with our tailored solutions.


… experience the challenge of retaining top talent in fashion & textiles: You know the struggle of keeping your team motivated and engaged. Discover how our program can transform your workplace dynamics and boost team retention.


… are passionate about nurturing a happy, productive team in fashion & textiles: Your team's happiness and success are paramount. Learn how our strategies can cultivate a positive work environment where creativity thrives.


… find yourself pulled in different directions in the fast-paced fashion & textiles industry: Managing priorities in a volatile market can be overwhelming. Explore how our training program can streamline your approach and enhance productivity.


…believe in the power of strategic thinking and innovation in fashion & textiles: You strive to lead your team with vision and creativity. Join us to uncover strategies that will elevate your team’s performance and drive business success.

3 phase programme

A 3 phase programme tailored made for your team of 6-12 people.

Make creativity your daily mantra and create a workplace everyone dreams about!

Cultivate Creativity

3 phase programme

For Teams of 6-12 people

6-8 months

Image by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu


Transform your workplace by auditing practices to enhance creativity and team wellbeing.

Utilising a mix of survey, workshop and interviews.

TIME: 1-2 months

OUTPUT: A report 

Image by Vlad Hilitanu


Lay the groundwork for strong creative habits to boost team wellbeing

Utilising a mix of workshop , check-ins and coaching.

TIME: 3-4 months

OUTPUT: Learning and tools the team can take forward



Evolve your team's habits regularly to maintain peak creativity and wellbeing

Utilising a mix of workshops, check in and coaching.

TIME: 1-2 months

OUTPUT: Embedded creative practices

lululemon senior manager

AMC is a delight and brings her creative spirit to her workshops. Well organized and thoughtfully curated our team enjoyed a morning spent unlocking their creative side through AMC’s facilitation.

Oliver Bonas Team Members

Thought provoking...

lululemon team member

Thank you! It was so fun and felt refresh coming out of the activities and ready to conquer the rest of the day with a creative mindset!

Pilot Programme

Prices start at £1,800 for AUDIT

£150 per person

Hello! I'm AMC

I'm AMC, the imaginative mastermind behind Creative Orange Studio. With a delightful twenty years+ of fun in the Creative Industries (think textiles and fashion galore) and an MA (Distinction) in Innovation Management, I'm on a mission to sprinkle creativity and innovation everywhere. I love making, building, and lighting up different parts of our brain. As a whimsical facilitator, I help folks rediscover their inner creative geniuses through 3D thinking and playful making. Obsessed with LEGO™, orange, and knitting, I turn the ordinary into extraordinary, one quirky creation at a time. Plus, I enjoy lecturing and public speaking too!

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